Tarragona and Reus, embryo of a smart region

Gustavo Cuadrado Moya

Tarragona and Reus, embryo of a smart region

Tarragona and Reus, through the Tarragona Smart Mediterranean City Foundation, continue advancing in their task to improve citizens’ quality of life and to promote a sustainable environment, both economically and environmentally, through new technologies and innovation. This leads to ever more efficient resource and service management, in addition to fostering ever more active citizen integration and participation when faced with an ever more demanding society.

When these goals work, which is the case here, horizons broaden. In this context, and with a territorial vision, is how the Smart Mediterranean Region emerges. The concept of region aims to create synergies and support among the many municipalities with the goal of agreeing on a set of policies and programmes aimed at transforming Tarragona on a regional scale and extrapolate it to other cities, regions and territories in the Mediterranean.


Faced with a polyhedral and global world, the vision of an emerging Mediterranean region allows us to focus our efforts on making the Mediterranean smart cities a powerful engine for the region’s growth and transformation.

For this milestone, it is all-important to foster the efficient and sustainable use of water and, likewise, energy efficiency through the responsible use of energy resources and their consumption. At the same time, a cohesive territory that has more efficient and less contaminating means of transport, leading to more sustainable mobility. Also, to encourage healthy habits towards health and good eating through the Mediterranean diet. And, finally, to take advantage of the artistic and cultural wealth in the region as a tourist and heritage pole of attraction.

It is in this way that the Foundation serves and acts as the territory’s main nexus, establishing binding links among its companies, the knowledge sector, public administrations, entrepreneurs and citizens.

International expansion of the territory

Finally, with this Mediterranean-ness, the chance to promote the Tarragona brand cannot be missed. An intelligent territory with a European and international scope, conveying the commitment to and leadership of a digital transformation strategy, positioning good practices abroad, opening up new potential markets. At the same time, being proactive by participating in international networks, sharing experiences and providing scalability for innovative local projects.

All in all, the Foundation works to promote ours as an intelligent, Mediterranean region within a cohesive and sustainable territory that takes advantage of new technologies, knowledge and local innovation to improve, day after day, the quality of life of active, participative citizens. Premises belonging to the XXI century that make Tarragona a smart region.

Gustavo Cuadrado (Executive Director) Tarragona Smart Region Foundation